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Travel Spray 50ml

Travel Spray 50ml

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A multipurpose scented Travel Spray to refresh your clothes and luggage.  Meets the independent lab test 'kills 99.9% of germs' so bacteria that cause many travelling odours will be removed.  Lightly scented in our Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin scent, the Travel Spray can remind you of Australian adventures wherever you travel in the world.

  • Gentle formulation that can be sprayed directly onto clothes or into luggage
  • 99%+ plant-derived ingredients (<1% are food-grade preservatives to keep the products shelf-stable)
  • Powerfully anti-bacterial, independent lab tested to verify it ‘kills 99.9% of germs’ naturally
  • Small amount of plant-derived alcohol within
  • 50ml lasts 400 sprays
  • Made in Australia

Purified water, plant-derived alcohol, < 5% non-ionic surfactants (plant-derived), < 5% anionic surfactants (plant-derived), Australian bush oils, essential oils, limonene, citral, linalool, citronellol. 

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