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Sparrow Hair Scrunchies Set of 3

Sparrow Hair Scrunchies Set of 3

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Add that final touch of fun and personality to any outfit with the perfect accessory: a scrunchie. Take your pick from three bold, vintage-inspired styles and treat your hair to gentle wear and a playful pop of colour. 

“Made from offcut fabric that was just too pretty to throw away, our scrunchie sets are an exercise in waste reduction with the added benefit of looking amazing. This three-piece set features a combination of checks, stripes and delicate florals.” – Phoebe’s Style Notes

Hand-crafted from leftover fabric pieces, because even our offcuts are too pretty to waste
Elasticated for comfortable, gentle wear
Set of three for easy mix-and-matching

One size
Orchid, Crepe, Musk, Persimmon, Vanilla, Shortbread
Made from 100% European flax linen

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