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Reusable Silicon Pouch

Reusable Silicon Pouch

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Perfect for storing prepped fruit & veggies for smoothies or storing snacks and nuts! 

BPA-free, non toxic and only made using premium LFGB and FDA approved silicone

Airtight design keeps food fresher for longer, reducing food waste and saving you money

Leak-proof sliders that taper in as they glide on, sealing the contents inside.

They sit upright which maximises space in your kitchen

Dishwasher, microwave & freezer safe and are heat resistant between 50C~250C.


- Mini Pouch: 500ml/0.5L Capacity | 15cm x 16cm
- Small Pouch: 1000ml/1L Capacity | 24cm x 17.5cm
- Large Pouch: 1500ml/1.5L Capacity | 28cm x 21cm
- Giant Pouch: 4000ml Capacity

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