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Kitpas Medium Stick Rice Wax Crayons 12

Kitpas Medium Stick Rice Wax Crayons 12

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Kitpas Rice Bran Wax Art Crayons write smoothly in vivid, solid colours and are paper-wrapped for comfort and durability! With just a few strokes of a wet brush, you can create beautiful watercolour paintings. Since we use food-safe rice bran wax, it’s safe for children and the elderly.

Kitpas art products are hand-made, thoughtful, safe, and playful for children and adults of all ages! Whether they are used for kids’ playtime, store display, or for your creative projects, Kitpas offers limitless possibilities.

Made in: Japan
Box Contains: 12 Assorted Colours
Crayon Size: L 7.4cm Ø 1cm
Package Size: 
L 9cm W 17cm H 2.2cm
Material: Food-safe rice bran wax
Colours: White, Pink, Red, Pale Orange, Yellow, Spring Green, Light Blue, Blue, Brown, Black

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