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Kids Daily Routine Magnets

Kids Daily Routine Magnets

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Encourage your Childs independence and help guide them through the days activities with daily routine magnets.

Create some special time to sit down with your child and create a routine that is tailored to their needs. Your child will go into the day knowing what’s happening and will be excited to check regularly to see what’s happening next in their day. It's also a gentle way to remind them to take care of those essential tasks like hand washing and going to the bathroom.

Great for kids of all ages and abilities, the visual prompts have been designed with education and play in mind. 

The daily routine tiles are high quality magnets that have a laminate coating applied.

The tiles can be written on with a whiteboard marker or liquid chalk marker and wiped clean with a damp microfibre cloth (you may need a whiteboard cleaner for stubborn marks).

  • 58 Interchangeable Activity Tiles

  • meals and snacks

  • hygiene - teeth, hair, bath, shower, toilet

  • appointments Doctor, Dentist, Hairdresser

  • medication and therapy

  • indoor and outdoor play and exercise

  • helping hand, clean bedroom

  • music, story, cuddles

  • Today's goal tile that can be written on and wiped clean each day

  • blank tiles that you can customise, and more.

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