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Home Jungle - Decorating Your House with Plants

Home Jungle - Decorating Your House with Plants

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Home Jungle: Decorating Your Home with Plants describes 27 DIY projects in depth to upgrade and decorate your apartment with plants, including succulents, cactus, epiphytes, pileas, and even monsteras. These creations are eco-friendly, stylish, and easy to apply, and will bring comfort to your home, especially to those who have no garden.More than ever plants are playing a major role in the deco- ration of the house, and this current trend is presented in this inspiring book with beautiful photos. Create a superb mini aromatic garden recycling a simple wooden crate. Use original pots such as rain boots. Or make objects with plants, like curtains made of epiphytes. At the end of the book, the reader finds templates that will help them create the featured projects.
ISBN 9783943330267. Gingko Press. hb. 92 pages, 54 illustrations. 20 x 24.5 cm.
Publication date: December 2019.

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