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Hathee Cotton Sheet

Hathee Cotton Sheet

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This playful animal print creates a warm and welcoming place for your child to rest their head. Crafted from luxe cotton, our bedding is luxuriously soft for the dreamiest night’s sleep.

“This sweet pattern is thoughtful and charming, with friendly animal characters appearing as if embroidered onto the fabric. It’s printed here on our luxe cotton bedding, bringing subtle colour and warmth to inspire the sweetest of dreams.” – Phoebe’s Style Notes

Luxe cotton brings breathability and softness for a dreamy sleep

Fitted: Deep-fit construction, so you never have to wrestle with your sheet again. Firm elastic seam for a perfectly snug fit.

Flat: Finished with a thick fold at the top, because considered details make all the difference

Pillowcase: Back opening to avoid untidy slippage and exposed pillows

Available in Cot, Single, King Single and Double
Splice, Crepe, Vanilla, Fudge, Persimmon, Musk, Cloud
Made from 100% cotton

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