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Elba Nudie Bath Mat - Apple

Elba Nudie Bath Mat - Apple

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Plant your feet each morning on our incredibly plush, super absorbent, Nudie Rudie bath mat and start every day with a cheeky giggle. Handmade by 10 different artisans, our Nudie Rudie bath mats are super special and iconically Sage x Clare.
“Packed with the uplifting feel and playful energy of all our ‘Nudie Rudie’ mats, this update takes a slightly different approach to the iconic design. The classic curved slogan is paired with slim, matching stripes at the mat’s top and bottom, all set against a bold and vibrant coloured backdrop.” – Phoebe’s Style Notes

Handcrafted with love and care for a beautiful artisan feel
Plush cotton for softness and absorbency underfoot
Playful messaging to help you start every day with a smile

Measures 80 x 60cm
pea, milk
Made from cotton

NOTE: Due to the hand-loomed nature of our bath mats, minor colour variations may occur. The bath mat also requires a little extra care when washing - please always wash in cold water, using mild detergent and on a gentle cycle. For the first wash we suggest washing alone and in a wash bag, as the mats can be prone to shedding fluff on the first few washes.

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