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Botanist Aromatherapy

Bloom Essential Oil Roller

Bloom Essential Oil Roller

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Handcrafted on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.
The Bloom Essential Oil Roller is the newest addition to the roller family. With citrine crystals within, she blossoms with notes of citrus and rose geranium and contains all the divine Mother Nature magick to help anchor you on your personal growth journey.

Apply to your neck, base of throat, wrists, crown chakra and behind your ears.  Apply to hands and inhale while doing breathwork or visualisation.


Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, citrine, essential oils: litsea, tangerine, rose geranium, lime, rose, jasmine, copaiba, frankincense, turmeric.

Please note:  As every person is individual please start slow with essential oils and cease use immediately if you notice any negative effects. 

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