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The Bucket List: Nature

The Bucket List: Nature

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A bucket list travel guide for all nature lovers.

The Bucket List: Nature takes readers on a global journey of the world's most amazing wildlife, visiting forests, deserts, savannahs, mountains, and oceans.

From action-packed adventures (camel trekking in Jordan, diving in the Maldives), to relaxing experiences (savouring the peace of a Giant Redwood Forest), to conservation-themed vacations including working as a Giant Panda keeper in China, caring for wounded elephants in Thailand, and guarding baby turtles as they make their way to the ocean in Costa Rica. This book has it all.

The Bucket List: Nature is the ultimate wishlist for the dedicated globetrotter or armchair traveler alike. Illustrated with stunning photography, the text provides all the information and practical advice you need to appreciate animals and plants in their natural habitats.

About the Author

Kath Stathers grew up in the Middle East, has traveled extensively in South America, and now lives and works as a writer and editor in London, from where she continues to explore the world.

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