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Lyra Super Ferby Lacquered 12 Metallic

Lyra Super Ferby Lacquered 12 Metallic

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LYRA Super Ferby pencils are a classic among the big, triangular, coloured pencils. The highly pigmented extra thick lead gives the colours their famous gigantic intensity.

Made in: Germany
Contains: 12x Colour Pencils in Assorted Colours
Colours: 231 Metallic Brown, 232 Metallic Yellow, 233 Metallic Green, 234 Metallic Lilac, 235 Metallic Blue, 236 Metallic Pink, 237 Metallic Turquoise, 238 Champagne, 239 Bronze, 240 Copper, 250 Metallic Gold, 251 Metallic Silver
Pencil Shape: Triangular
Wood: 10mm thick, 175mm long, cedar from sustainable, PEFC-certified forestry
Core: 6.25mm thick, wax-based, break-resistant, waterproof, smudge-proof

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