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Lyra Rembrandt Sketching Set Tin 11pce

Lyra Rembrandt Sketching Set Tin 11pce

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The LYRA Rembrandt Sketching Set contains an assortment of superior quality sketching pencils, pastels and a natural charcoal stick with extra strong 5mm leads and exceptional fluency.

Includes mix of tonal pencils and sticks in a metal tin:

  • Dry White Pencil
  • Dry Sanguine Pencil
  • Oil Sanguine Pencil
  • Oil Sepia Light Pencil
  • 2B Carbon Pencil
  • 2B Charcoal Pencil
  • Natural Charcoal Stick
  • Sepia Square Pastel
  • Carbon Extra Dark Square Pastel
  • Sharpener
  • Kneadable Eraser

LYRA is one of the oldest pencil makers in the world and has been making pencils since 1806. Moving with the times and grown out of innovation, LYRA continues with the tradition of making world-class quality pencils and art supplies, well-loved in schools, and by children and artists around the world.

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