Have you had the taste for the Wander + Laze lifestyle? Are you wanting more? Are you embarking on a new project or perhaps you are part way through your restoration and in need of some help to get you over the line? Along with our partners at Dunsborough Smash Repairs, we can assist you in customizing your Caravan, Camper or Kombi and help you reach your Van Life dream.



Custom paint

Often overlooked when planning a Van restoration – the paint job is the final touch to bring your vintage vehicle back to life. Many people attempt DIY paint jobs when completing Caravan restorations, however without the correct products and tools it is impossible to achieve a professional look at home. We will walk you through the process and ensure we match your dream colour. We can also add custom pinstriping, patterns or decals.



Restore + Paint

If your project requires work on the body including rust removal or dent repair, we can assist on bringing your vintage beauty back to her former glory. Painting over damage or rust will not only look unfinished, but will lead to further issues and costs in the future. We can customise a package the includes full body repairs, rust removal, prep, prime and paint. We can also include interior paint if required. This will leave you time to focus on the interior fit out and décor.

Full restoration

Wanting your Van to be ready to roll out on her first adventure without lifting a finger? We can take on the entire repair, paint and fit out process to bring your dream to life. This service is coming soon…watch this space!