Raw Crystals - Opal + Sage
  • Raw Crystals - Opal + Sage


    These exquisite raw crystals, come individually boxed, each precious stone bringing its own healing qualities and benefits into your life. These make a beautiful gift, or collect them all to add some magic to every little corner of your home.


    Rose Quartz ~ love + friendship + harmony.

    A classic and feminine crystal, bringing love + light to your space.

    Amethyst ~ de-stress + sleep + healing.

    An absolute favourite, this stunning raw crystal is not only beautiful, but powerful in its healing qualities. Perfect for bedrooms or meditation spaces.

    Pyrite ~ luck + wealth + success.

    Sparkling brighter than a diamond this little powerhouse is perfect for anyone hoping to kick personal or professional goals. Also just a stunning addition to your home.

    Clear Quartz ~ positivity + clarity + focus.

    This beauty is simple and stunning. Perfect for a living area or work space. Looks gorgeous paired with other positive crystals such as amethyst + rose quartz.

    Citrine ~ success + motivate + balance.

    An empowering crystal, perfect for embarking on a new journey.

    Peacock Ore ~ uplift + positivity + joy.

    A unique + magical crystal, bringing some unicorn magic to your life.

    Quartz Geode ~ power + cleanse + protect.

    The true beauty of this precious stone emerges as you break open the two pieces to expose exquisite sparkling crystals. A must have for every home.


    Each crystal is unique and may not be identical to the ones pictured.