• Aromatheraphy Bath Soak - Botanist Aromatherapy


    Indulge yourself with this soothing, relaxing Bath Soak.  Pour your desired amount into a bath and relax while the magnesium soothes tired muscles and the flowers and essential oils create a treat for all of the senses.  Himalayan salt promotes sleep, detoxification and stress reduction.


    Original Soak ingredients: magnesium chloride flakes, pink himalayan salt, organic dried flowers (lavender, chamomile, rose, calendula), lavender essential oil, tangerine essential oil.


    Rose Soak ingredients: magnesium chloride, sodium chloride (pink himalayan salt), rosa centifolia (organic pink rose petal powder), dried flowers: rosa centifolia (rose), pure essential oil: pelargonium roseum (rose geranium).

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