Bespoke hand blended tea - Antipotea
  • Bespoke hand blended tea - Antipotea


    Antipotea tea is hand blended using premium ingredients, in a small studio in Western Australia. Antipotea is a modern apothecary, which focuses on the healing power of nature, plants and the earth. The tea is presented in a sweet little biodegradable bag with a signature wax seal. Weights vary depending on the ingredients.


    Read below for the details of the available varietals.


    Organic Black with Lychee 60g

    Let your senses come alive with this beautiful blend made with organic black tea and natural lychee flavouring. This tea will awaken your senses and enlighten your day with its sweet & fruity aroma.

    When brewed this tea has all the usual comforting flavours you would expect to find in black tea but with a superb light and sweet taste to finish.

    This blend is beautiful hot or cold. We love making a big jug of it as ice tea, filled with tropical fruits - absolutely magical.


    Country Breakfast 60g

    This delicate black blend offers a wonderful substitute to traditional black tea. Organic Ceylon tea paired with organic rose petals makes for the perfect breakfast tea blend! Enjoy with or without milk.


    Australian Sencha 50g

    This 100% Australian Grown (yay!) Sencha is made using leaves picked from the summer to autumn harvest resulting in a full bodied sweetness. Sencha is the most frequently consumed green tea variety. This uplifting and invigorating green tea is smooth and fresh to drink, enjoy a cup at any time during the day.


    Body Love 50g

    Body Love was designed to help cherish the body and women's health.

    This blend contains a range of herbs which are rich in vitamins and minerals which may help relieve the affects of menstrual cramps, general body aches and ease digestion.

    Hand blended with organic rose petals, organic peppermint, raspberry leaf, cacao nibs and hibiscus.


    Boho Dream 30g

    Boho Dreams is a herbal blend of organic lavender and chamomile flower and has been designed to help aid the nervous system.

    This soothing tea will help your body and mind relax after a long day. Best enjoyed in a quiet and calming environment. Best served hot.


    Sleep Tea 30g

    When hand blending our sleep tea we called upon the ancient greek god of sleep, Hypnos, to bless this blend and ensure the body relaxes and gets a good nights sleep.

    Blended with Organic Chamomile, St John's Wort* and organic rose hip this calming blend is sure to send you off on a peaceful nights sleep.


    Wellness Tea 60g

    Our wellness tea has been designed to help you feel amazing on the inside and out! This blend is specifically designed for gut health.

    This hand blended tea has roasted fennel seed, liquorice root, organic peppermint, roasted star anise and cornflower resulting in a wonderfully soothing tea which aids internal body function and leaves you feeling amazing.