Wander + Laze - the lifestyle.

Wander + Laze stems from a love of travel + nature, a passion for vintage + design, and an appreciation of beautiful things. We have combined our experience in restorations, renovations, and retail + design, to bring this project to life.

We got to the stage in our life where jet setting to exotic places was no longer viable. We discovered that more and more people are looking to explore on home soil. #vanlife has taken the world by storm as people have discovered the joys of a more simple and affordable style of travel. We wanted to combine this new era of travel with a little bit of luxe + comfort. We live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and want to share it with everyone - even those without their own van, or without the time or inclination to take off for a year on the road.

The Wander + Laze lifestyle is about exploring our coast and forest. Lazing aimlessly, drinking a hot chocolate, sipping a local wine, wrapping yourself in a woollen blanket or basking on a hammock amongst the peppie trees. Wandering through forests, discovering hidden waterfalls, exploring ancient caves, and witnessing iconic sunsets. Spending time 'unplugged' with your partner, or toasting marshmallows with your kids.

Our Vintage Caravans are currently being restored, lovingly transformed into the ultimate in glamping comfort. Many of the products that grace the virtual shelves of our lifestyle store, will be making themselves at home in our Vans - including linens, decor + bespoke tea.

Wander + Laze is a lifestyle. Its about appreciating family + friends, finding time to take a breath, surrounding yourself with beautiful places + beautiful things.

We have proudly launched our winter collection in our store, and will keep you updated on our accommodation + event packages in the coming months.

Thank you for taking time to explore the Wander + Laze lifestyle and we cant wait to share this journey with you.