Pack ya bags, Mama

We have such a beautiful collection of bags in stock at the moment, all of which are absolutely IDEAL for Mums/Dads/Carers or Mums to be. I thought I'd rally them all together into one spot so you can check them out- I know when I was searching for a baby bag I was super overwhelmed with the options, and found I needed several different items to meet my different needs. Particularly when baby number 2 came and I found I basically had to wheel a carry on suitcase with me when ever I left the house! Click the bags to shop, and use code BAGIT for 15% off all of our bags for a super limited time only!

Here's the lowdown on our Bag Stash...

The Convertible Carryall

These babies are one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted bags, custom made using select vintage Guatemalan huipils (traditional blouse of handwoven cotton fabric and embroidered trim worn by Guatemalan women). Our favourite feature of this beauty is its ability to convert to a backpack, yet still have horizontal zip access for practicality (as opposed to traditional backpacks). The fabrics are stunning and they are super comfortable to wear. Also big ticks for durability + stacks of pockets!

Here she is packed with two kiddies worth of gear, and plenty of room to spare!

This style of bag is also available in this gorgeous Santa Fe Colourway - crafted from vintage Mexican carpets - all the same amazing features as the above bag, with a more subtle look.

The Convertible Day Bag

This sweety is basically the same as the convertible carry-all, in a slightly more compact size. Still offers the backpack conversion, plenty of pockets, gorgeous vintage fabric and quality leather. As the name suggests, perfect for an every-day bag. Would easily fit all your necessities for one baby, or a few supplies for 2 or more. Also fab for mums of toddlers or young children, who still need to carry that extra set of clothes, snacks and drink bottle.

The Convertible Weekender

Obsessed with this beauty! Once again, all the super cool features of the standard convertibles - including backpack conversion, vintage fabric, leather details, storage for days - all packed into a supersized weekender bag! Perfect for a weekend away, for either Mum or Bubs gear! Also versatile enough to use if your having a big day outing and carrying extra lunchboxes, clothing etc and don't want to be stuck with multiple bags. Would work as a beach bag too!

The Weekender Linen Tote

Classic simplicity, this gorgeous natural fibre linen tote is so versatile! Great for little outings, for the gym/yoga/beach. Big enough to hold a spare nappy and wipes, and a drink and snack for a walk to the park, or to throw your wallet and phone in while ducking out babe free. Also super compact when rolled up so can go into your bag or car for impromptu market or shop visits as a sustainable bag option. Try stopping at one colour - these guys are perfection!

The Ramie Bag

Oh Ramie, We love you! Ramie is the most gorgeous natural fabric, highly renewable making it a great sustainable option. It has the feel of thick, soft linen and is super durable. Natural, earthy, textured, relaxed & practical, the Ramie Bag is perfect for the beach, gym/yoga, as a baby bag or simply use as your everyday bag. It is made from 100% ramie fabric and is lined with canvas. It features two external pockets as well as two internal pockets.     Its generous size, strong lining and multiple pockets make it the most versatile bag we have. And just as a cherry on top - it is available in a mini size {CUE ALL THE HEART EYES!} So perfect for your mini to carry on little outings and adventures - for the beach, daycare, dancing or soccer. Or just to lug their favourite treasures around the house in. So sweet!

The Belt Bag

SO this is of course not a traditional baby bag - but still super handy! This clutch converts to a belt bag or a shoulder/cross body bag. A great way to keep your wallet + phone close to you rather than in your nappy bag. Also means you can leave your nappy bag in the car while adventuring and just carry the essentials. Also handy for baby free outings - and AMAZING for festivals and travelling if that is more your style! Similar to the convertible bags, this beauty is crafted from vintage fabric and quality leather.

So that's the low down on our gorgeous bag range - perfect for travel, work, study, gym, yoga etc. But also AMAZING choices for non traditional baby/Mama bags. Click each pic to shop - and don't forget to use code BAGIT for 15% off bags for a super limited time only! xx