Mums Who Hustle. Who they are and why we love them.

When we embarked on the adventure that is the Wander + Laze Lifestyle Store, we searched high and low for small, unique, mindful businesses. We were looking for products that were aligned with our vision for the Wander + Laze lifestyle - earthy products for home + travel, beautiful gifts, interesting products for creatives, adventurers and home bodies. What we didn't seek out was an army of fabulous female entrepreneurs - but that is exactly what we found!

From the moment we started our journey, the stars aligned, and we met the total boss babe that is Wyldflower Creative. The epitome of a 'Hustling Mum, and all round legend'. This chick is a mum of three, super star Graphic Designer/photographer/web creator, who also holds down a full time job to supplement her creative adventures. I connected instantly with this chick over an 11pm email exchange where we both apologised for our late night communications due to #mumlife. It was a moment of relief where I didn't need to apologise for never answering my phone and not being able to hold down a meeting. Yes. This chick gets it. We'll get on just fine.

When our children are born, we seem to discover a whole new desire in life. Many of us take time away from our careers to spend time with our babes, and in doing so, lose the passion for the daily grind and discover a desire to fulfil a dream, seek a new meaning in our lives. The allure of self employment is consuming - a life where we can work around our family commitments, while also nurturing our creativity and rediscovering our identity.

It seems these Creative Mums are making up a massive sector on social media networks, where mums can reach out from their home based studios and offices, and make connections with other hustling Mama's. Other women who 'get it'. Women who are not about competing for the best product, or spending days perfecting their selfie game. Women who can share their daily failures, while still turning up the heat on some seriously amazing creative achievements. Women building amazing collaborations without ever meeting in person. Women who can build a mini empire, while simultaneously cooking dinner, folding washing and picking up ten thousand pieces of lego.

Every single one of the brands currently represented in the Wander + Laze Store are owned and operated by females. Not all are Mums, but all are seriously driven, creative, determined, hustling Women, working their butts off to kick goals as independent business operators.

Shout out to our fave Hustling Mums of the moment whose amazing products are featured below - Notely, Banabae, Feather + Oak, Antipotea, Flora + Grain, Botanist Aromatherapy, Grampians Goods Co., One Fine Sunday + Hello Petal.

All available at Wander + Laze.

We cant wait to continue these amazing collaborations, and have lots of exciting things coming soon to W + L.

Keep Hustling Mamas! xx